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Accommodating People with Disabilities in the Workplace


Despite having limitations, individuals dealing with disabilities should be treated like everyone else in a working environment. From the office tools to the way you communicate with them, you can transform the workplace conducive for all employees. Specialist services are also accessible if professional assistance is necessary.

  • Freedom to Move
    Make sure to reserve a parking area close to the entrance for employees with mobility problems, so they’ll have an easy way to enter the building. The passageway for people in wheelchairs should also be safe and accessible. Get well-informed advice from providers of home and community-based services in Minnesota for more ideas about how to set up a welcoming environment.
  • Innovate to Communicate
    Provide a writing system to instruct or inform a staff member with a hearing impairment. You can utilize high-technology equipment, such as a speech recognition system or one-handed keyboard, for employees who have lost a hand or finger.
  • Access to Healthcare Services
    For instance, you can allow people with behavioral problems to seek professional counseling by giving them a flexible schedule. Employees with traumatic brain injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and similar issues should have easy access to general healthcare in Minneapolis, MN.

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