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Proper Wound Care That Can Avoid Infection


Wounds are rarely life-threatening, except when the injury has penetrated the internal organs. When you sustain that kind of injury, you’ll have to enlist the help of specialist services in hospitals so you can get the best care possible until you recover.

In most cases, however, wounds can be easily cared for until they heal. In the case of scratches and scrapes, they can be treated at home with what you have inside your first aid kit. Proper wound care requires that you first wash the wound and surrounding areas with soap and water. This is to wash away any bacteria that could cause infections.

After washing, it’s important to apply constant pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. You can apply dressings to keep the wound dry and free from exposure to bacteria. If the wound continues to bleed for a few hours after first aid is applied, you will have to check and then replace the bandages to keep the skin dry and clean.

Changing dressings is important. If the bandages are moist, it will cause bacteria to proliferate on the wound’s surface and that will cause infection.
Wound care and infection prevention are two important skills for general healthcare in Minneapolis, MN. Everyone should be aware of how to do these the right way.

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