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How Businesses Can Benefit from Hiring People with IDD

How Businesses Can Benefit from Hiring People with IDD

Work can provide any individual with a sense of purpose and self-worth. Every individual, regardless of disability, should be allowed to be members of their community where they can learn, interact, and yes, even work.

People with IDD and their family members can acquire home and community-based services in Minnesota, such as employment support, so they can train and provide assistance to people with IDD seeking employment.

Businesses that open their doors to people with disabilities provide opportunities for them to learn more about their field and hone their skills. Not only that, but businesses can benefit from:

  • Their Optimism to Learn
    When hiring people with IDD, you can see their sincere smiles and willingness to do anything to help. Several employers have reported that their employees with disabilities are always open to new ideas and listen.
  • Their Drive to Succeed
    Several employers have said that these employees are dedicated to their work and the company. They also exhibit a strong desire to succeed and regularly find more responsibility.
  • Their Dependability
    Employees with disabilities have been rated higher on taking fewer sick days, punctuality, and returning on time from breaks than their co-workers. You can also guarantee that they are productive workers.

These are just some of the things you can expect from them. At GIIR Home LLC, we provide specialist services for people with disabilities. We offer them the support and resources to thrive in the community.

Our team also works to give them quality general healthcare in Minneapolis, MN. Contact us to know more.

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