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Things Patients Do That May Be Slowing Their Recovery

Things Patients Do That May Be Slowing Their Recovery

We understand that most patients want to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible post-surgery. But patients should also take note of their doctor’s post-surgical instructions to avoid delaying their recovery or else risk rehospitalization.

As a provider of professional General Healthcare in Minneapolis, MN, we at GIIR Home LLC would like to inform our patients of the common mistakes they may unknowingly be making post-surgery that slow their healing.

  • They do too much, too soon.

    Understand that if you jump the gun too early, you might fall and get hurt. Stick to what your doctor tells you and rest up to heal properly.

  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, they stay in bed for too long.

    Lying in bed for longer than is necessary can cause the following complications:

  • They don’t get enough water and nutrition.

    Many patients might not feel like eating or drinking after surgery, as they may feel nauseated or constipated. However, it’s advisable to take at least some nourishment to ensure recovery.

For a faster and more effective post-operation recovery, hiring Specialist Services might be the best way to go.

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